Our mission

ASFB is an independent organization created by and for the Swedish fashion industry, with the purpose of bringing together, supporting and promoting the industry itself. The organization works to further the Swedish fashion industry’s professional, cultural and academic impact, nationally and globally. Through a number of different projects and initiatives, ASFB aims to contribute to the industry’s economic growth and increase opportunities for those working within it. The core activities of the organization focus on exporting, encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation and the high quality that characterizes Swedish fashion design.

ASFB was created November 23rd 2009 by fashion brands Acne Studios, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Hope, Tiger of Sweden and Whyred, together with the fashion magazine Bon, communications agency Patriksson Communication and VisitSweden. Since then, many of Sweden’s leading fashion brands have joined the organization.


To contribute to economic growth and to position Sweden as a prominent industry influencer and cultural contributor on the global fashion market

The organization shall:

  • Nurture interests of the Swedish fashion industry on a national and global level
  • Contribute to increased international positioning and export of Swedish fashion
  • Support entrepreneurship, innovation and formation of Swedish designers and fashion companies
  • Drive industry discussion on sustainability

Board of directors

Lena Patriksson Keller, Patriksson Communication

Vice president
Krister Ragnarsson, Bon

Board members

Ewa Kumlin, Svensk Form
Jennie Rosén, Ann-Sofie Back
Jockum Hallin, Our Legacy
Karin Söderlind, House of Dagmar
Maj-La Pizzelli, ATP Atelier
Thomas Brühl, independent
Åsa Sånemyr, Hope


David Thunmarker, Oscar Jacobsson
Lee Cotter, independent

Election committee

Fredrik Blank, Blank
Hanna Widell, DaisyGrace
Kristina Lindhe, Lexington
Lotta Brattin, independent
Åsa Sånemyr, Hope

Senior Advisor

Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson


Development Manager, Magnus Wiberg, is
on leave until Aug 2019.

Magnus Wiberg