Fashion Tech Talks

Fashion Tech Talks is a full-day conference with lectures, panel discussions and interviews on the fusion of fashion and technology. The event gathers some of the world’s foremost visionaries in their fields – designers, scientists, business leaders, innovators and motivators. The conference explores how new technology is transforming different parts of the fashion industry, from design and manufacturing to retail, media and marketing as well as the functionality of clothes.



Fashion Tech Talks is an international meeting place for fashion and tech industries. The core is the rapid technological development that is influencing the global fashion industry, topics and trends that are shaping the future of the fashion and blurring the boundaries between the fashion and tech industry.










Fashion Tech Talks is initiated by Patriksson Communications and the Association for Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB). The conference is supported by H&M, Vinnova and Axfoundation. Fashion Tech Talks is part of Symposium Stockholm, a week-long tech and music festival including events such as the Polar Music Prize and the Brilliant Minds conference.