Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter

Today there is a need for common guidelines regarding social sustainability in the fashion industry for both those who work in the industry and for fashion consumers targeted by the industry’s communication of body images and beauty ideals. We are many who have been demanding a change.

Statistics show that the average weight of a model has decreased with 10 kg during the last 10 years. Several countries have legislated on BMI, banning models who don’t meet BMI levels. While this may be a good start, we believe that we will attain a greater effect to bringing greater diversity and better health to the fashion industry by engaging the industry itself in a common initiative, not by legislation.

That is why Association of Swedish Fashion Brands together with the Swedish Fashion Council began to work with a new mutual general policy for the Swedish fashion industry – “The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter”. ELLE magazine and MIKAS model agency have been an integral part of the work group and during the last year and a half we have developed this policy through a series of workshops and referrals bringing together ca. 50 industry representatives to map the problems, challenges and possibilities of social sustainability. This substantial process has laid the foundation for a charter of mutual values and guidelines on body image, diversity and corporate social responsibility. The work has also resulted in a checklist generated by Swedish designer´s BACK, House of Dagmar, Odd Molly and Filippa K. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the process!


The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter was officially launched on Thursday the 23rd of March 2017. It is a unique policy addressing all actors of the fashion industry; from designers, brands, model agencies, casting agents, ad buyers and agencies, stylists, marketing departments, photographers to trade organizations and media. We all have a role to play.


The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter already has ca. 50 signatories representing the breadth of the industry and now the work begins to continue to collect signatories. We hope that you all want to sign!

Please then sign the attached Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter and send the signed agreement to emma.ohlson@asfb.se


Every company that signs and follows the policy guidelines may use the Swedish Ethical Charter logo in their own communication channels and will be listed on ASFBs and Swedish Fashion Council’s website, so that consumers and other stakeholders can see who is supporting the initiative. Tools such as checklists and evaluation will be running continuously to make sure that the policy is being embraced and followed.


Let´s get to work!


/Emma Ohlson (ASFB) and Elin Frendberg (Swedish Fashion Council)


Read the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter here


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