Rekordtillväxt för den svenska modebranschen

Omsättningen för den svenska modeindustrin var 305 miljarder kronor 2015. Det är en ökning med 15,3 % jämfört med föregående år. Exporten växte med 19,6 % och den inhemska marknaden växte med 7,0 %. Svenska modeindustrin står för 11% av Sveriges totala export visar den senaste rapporten gjord av Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, med […]

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Kreativ Sektor blir samordnare för Team Sweden KKN

ASFB fått i uppdrag av regeringen att bli samordningsansvarig för Team Sweden Kulturella och Kreativa Näringar (KKN) som en del av det näringspolitiska samarbete Kreativ Sektor. Syftet med Team Sweden är att tillsammans jobba för att höja kunskapen om de kreativa näringarnas förutsättningar och villkor som näringar, främja svensk export i utlandet och samordna exportstödet till […]

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Fashion Week Stockholm Vår/Sommar 2016

Den 29-31 augusti är det dags för Fashion Week Stockholm för vår/sommar 2017. Denna säsong fokuserar veckan på att framhäva de kreativa näringarna och stötta den nya generationen av svenska designers och modeskapare. Borås textilhögskola öppnar modeveckan måndagen 29 augusti på Berns, Stora Salongen.Veckan inleds med ett inspirerande rundabordssamtal med personer från olika kreativa näringarna. […]

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Från vår Instagram

  • Association of Swedish Fashion Brands är idag stolta att kunna berätta att vi signerat initiativet Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter för att aktivt jobba tillsammans med branschen för branschen i frågor kring mångfald samt socialhållbarhet.
#ethicalcharter #swedishfashioncouncil #asfb 
Today we are proud to announce that we have signed the initiative Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter to actively work together with the industry for the industry on issues of diversity and social sustainability.
#ethicalcharter #swedishfashioncouncil #asfb
  • Re-inventing retail this evening with Apple and friends - Kaching, PlanDay, Budbee and eleven. As @alexkolmodin says "New solutions are not created for old methods". Innovate and lead the way! #apple #asfb #kaching #planday #budbee #eleven #caperio
  • #Repost @swedishfashioncouncil with @repostapp
From March 2017 Cia Jansson (ELLE), Peter Andersson (PAP Studio) Philip Warkander (PhD Fashion Studies, Lund University) Maria Sandow (Swedish Trade Federation) and Emma Ohlson (Association of Swedish Fashion Brads) will form the newly established Swedish Fashion Talents Advisory Board. "The members of our Advisory Board contributes with unrivaled expertise in fashion, marketing, business development and trade. Their competence and industry experience are invaluable to the program and will help the Swedish Fashion Council to continue the visionary development of the Swedish Fashion Talents, "says Erica Blomberg, project manager. 
Last year we undertook many changes in the Swedish Fashion Talents program. A new management team came onboard and the participants were divided into two categories, fashion and accessories. Swedish Fashion Council also expanded the program within the business promotion activities. Participants now receive expert guidance from their own consultants through the Fashion Business Academy and a spot in the competence development platform YumpAcademy. A new innovation award, "Swedish Fashion Council Changers Award", was instituted with the aim of highlighting the brand that has contributed to the industry's development through a particularly strong ability to innovate, shake up and add new force to the industry. It can for example be presented in a strong creative ability that challenged contemporary conventions and standards. 
Swedish Fashion Talents is Sweden's leading talent programs and has shown great importance for the growth of new fashion brands today. During Fashion Week Stockholm AW17 this last January 26 designers showed their collections, 14 of these brands had a direct link to the program. 
Members of the new SFT Advisory Board:
Cia Jansson: Editor-in-Chief at ELLE Sweden 
Peter Andersson: Founder and owner of PAP Studio, Sweden’s leading production company within the fashion industry 
Philip Warkander: The very first to hold a PhD in Fashion Studies 
Maria Sandow: Head of Swedish Trade Federation and an expert on sustainable trade 
Emma Ohlson: Secretary General for Association
  • Q&A with Maj-La Pizelli, co-founder and CD at ATP Atelier.
-Together with Natalia Altewai from acclaimed Swedish designerduo AltewaiSaome you have created a collection of bags in five different styles.
Q:Why is this collection so special?
A: It's ATP Atelier's first collaboration. But also because the entire collection is made out of vegetable tanned leather.
Q:Why have you chosen to do this now?
A:ATP celebrates five years this year. This collection of bags symbolizes our roots perfectly.
Q:Why is sustainable fashion important to you?
A:Sustainability is everything. We want to create collections that are sustainable both in materials and design.
Q:What's the difference between working with your other materials and vegetable tanned leather?
A:75% of our collections are made of vegetable leather from day one, so we are used to that. The leather gets an unique feel to it and patina.
Q:What's your own favorite in the collection?
A:The tote "Pienza"! Beautiful and useful.
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